Volunteers raising money for children

By Patricia Pereira

The charity Save the Children is about to set a new local Support Group in Edinburgh based on volunteers to help organising events and activities to raise money.

An informal meeting is going to be held tonight at Grand Cru, in Hanover Street, from 6pm to 7pm for those who are interested in taking part in this initiative or want to get some extra information.

Victoria Lyon Dean, the fundraising assistant for the Scotland team, said: “It’s going to be an open support group. We want people to come along with ideas, with inspiration on fundraising ideas.

We have got a lot of enquiries from different people to collaborate with the organisation.”

Although the organisation already counts on many volunteers with a broad age average, they are trying to seek out as many new members as possible.

Ms Lyon Dean said: “We have already got a strong network across Scotland but we are spreading the message through different ways, but basically word of mouth, press releases and websites are the main ones.”

From dinners to exhibitions. Any idea will be welcomed by the organisation as long as it helps the charity group to carry on with their work and improve the children’s rights and actual situation.