‘Star Girl’ Reaches New Heights

By Claire White


Chart-topping band Mcfly had a unique experience yesterday, having their number one hit single “Star Girl” played in space to the astronauts, thanks to the overwhelming response of their fans on social networking site Twitter.

NASA launched a competition on Twitter for 35 people to talk live to the astronauts, yet Mcfly fans had another plan in mind. Their devoted fans overwhelmed NASA’s twitter page requesting them to play the single in space. “Star Girl” contains lyrics such as “dance on the milkyway” and “surfing the sun as it starts to rise”. The space station are played songs of their choice every morning, yet this is the first time they had no say in the song choice. NASA were shocked by the response with millions of requests and decided to make the wish come true. Fans were able to tune in live to the space station, streamed online via NASA’s website, to witness the event.

'McFLY-ing Into Space'

The date of the event was also just 2 days from the release date of the single in 2006 (23rd October) making it an excellent way to celebrate the singles third year of success.

Mcfly have never been shy of admitting their love for space, particularly lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Fletcher who as a young boy even attended space camp. Bassist Dougie Poynter even has a large tattoo of a space scene on his chest. Earlier in the year they were also trying to complete deal with Richard Branson to be the first band in space, yet there is no news if this will actually occur, perhaps this happening is even a sign of things to come in the future.

At the time of the event fans yet again showed their thanks to NASA posting on twitter “star girl in space” and again entering it into the ‘Trending Topics’ at number one, making it the most talked about topic on twitter at that time.

After the event Tom Fletcher posted to NASA on his twitter saying,
“Thankyou SO much!!! We were watching here in London. Was brilliant. Our fans should be very proud of themselves!!!”

Danny Jones, lead guitarist and singer in the band also stated that it was a “dream come true”.

The event has given publicity not only to the band but also NASA, making Mcfly fans aware of the events in Space and witnessing the space station orbiting around earth to one of their favourite band’s songs.

This event has clearly shown that a large fan base really can make dreams come true for their idols.

You can witness the event taking place on the link here.