Backlash at BBC after Question Time

By Lauren Redpath and Fiona Gardner

The BBC were today criticised for focusing too much on the BNP leader’s appearance on Question Time last night and neglecting other important issues.

The Taxpayers Alliance have condemned the BBC for giving too much coverage to Nick Griffin and have said that not enough attention was paid to the other important issues of the day such as the national postal strike.

Mark Wallace, Campaign Director for The Taxpayers Alliance said: “The last thing the BBC should be is dictated to.  The licence fee payers did not get a say in the matter and if had been aired on a commercial channel then people could have had the choice to watch it or not.  Too much time was focused on Nick Griffin when other matters like the Royal Mail strike should have been discussed.”

Griffin faced tough questions from the audience but that didn’t stop him from voicing his opinion and he caused more controversy by calling homosexuals “creepy” and saying the Ku Klux Klan was “almost totally non-violent.”

The BBC faced huge criticism from protestors saying Griffin didn’t deserve the chance to voice his fascist views.  Security was stepped up outside the BBC studios in London with a police presence on the ground and in the air to control protestors.

People on the streets of Edinburgh had mixed views this morning and were still debating whether the BBC made the right decision.

Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary told the Telegraph, “The BBC should be ashamed of single-handedly doing a racist, fascist party the biggest favour in its grubby history.”

The BBC defended its decision to invite Mr Griffin on Question Time saying it was “appropriate”.