Protests in Glasgow as BNP appear on ‘Question Time’

Protesters outside Pacific Quay, Glasgow (copyright Duncan Brown,

Anti-fascism campaigners demonstrated at BBC Scotland’s headquarters in Glasgow on Thursday, in protest at British National Party leader Nick Griffin appearing on ‘Question Time’.

Campaign group Unite Against Fascism organised protests across the UK to show their anger at the BBC for inviting Nick Griffin onto the flagship debate show. Griffin is an MEP for North West England.

UAF said: “Up to 250 anti-fascists held a lively protest and rally outside the BBC Scotland headquarters in Glasgow. A group of 20-30 tried to storm the front door but BBC security staff and police foiled their plans.”

However, a Strathclyde Police spokesperson said on Friday that “around 70” protesters were present.

A BBC Scotland spokesman said that no property at Pacific Quay was damaged, and no-one was injured.

The spokesman added: “Just as it was right to have the debate, individuals have the right to lawful protest.”

“There is evidence of electoral support after the British National Party won two seats in the European Elections so like any party in this position the BNP may appear on a programme such as Question Time.”

Thursday’s edition was the most-watched episode of Question Time ever, with over eight million viewers.

Question Time was also the most popular topic on social networking site Twitter on Thursday. At one stage, over one thousand messages a minute referenced the broadcast.

Nick Griffin is to lodge a complaint with the BBC over the handling of the broadcast, claiming he was the victim of a “lynch mob”.