From unemployed to online entreprenuer

By Suhayl Afzal

Home businesses have surged due to mass redundancies and the recession, according to the governments business start-up service.

Business Gateway said that the rapid technological developments, in particular the growing speed of broadband internet services, have helped people start businesses from home.

A spokesperson said: “We are receiving thousands of enquiries every year from expanding, established businesses and from people looking to start up in business for the first time.

“In every case we’ll discuss the most suitable premises to work from.  Although not suitable every time, in an increasing amount of cases, home working is certainly a viable option and running a business [this way] is becoming a reality for an ever increasing amount of people.”

John Garlinge, 49, of Kirkaldy, formerly a director of a company, moved North after his father-in-law fell ill.

He said: “It was never a case of wanting to start a business, rather it was of necessity. I’d applied for jobs with design companies in Edinburgh, but whether through age or experience I was getting nowhere. So we carried on re-training in programming, via Scottish Enterprise.

He now runs JDG Web Design, which he founded in January 2008 with his wife Linda.

Following the success of his web design and programming company – –  Mr Garlinge stopped looking for a job.

He added: “I’d never give up working independently. Having worked for someone else’s company before, the feeling of reward you get working for yourself is unrecognisable. I’ve never looked back.

“Without internet broadband it simply is not possible to run a home business – especially in my field. I’m sure that with the broadband becoming more widely available and the recession continuing, the number of home businesses will undoubtedly increase.”

Despite the economic climate, John is hopeful of achieving 50 per cent growth in the next year.

“We’re really optimistic. Turnover is ahead in the first three months of this year, compared to last year. And the goal is to have an office and employ people within the next two years.”