Retro Treats Sweeter Than Ever

By Gemma Haigh, Fiona Gardner and Lauren Redpath

Everyone remembers their favourite sweet from their childhood and it was revealed today that retro sweet shops are making a comeback.  With more and more vintage sweet shops springing up on little cobbled streets, it’s becoming easier for people to take a trip down memory lane and let their taste buds take them back to their younger years.

And it seems the economic downturn is causing more people to turn to comfort foods to give them that much-needed lift and retailers have been left shocked at the sudden demand for sugary treats.

Traditional sweets such as soor plooms, chocolate limes, chelsea whoppers and rhubarb and custards are returning and are proving a hit with everyone with a sweet tooth.

Lickety Splits, a vintage confectionary shop on Jeffery Street, has been in business since July and owner Jude Ross says it is surprising how many adults come through the door to feed their sugary addiction.

With business booming, Lickety Splits is hitting the high street, with House of Fraser in talks with them about supplying retro delights to be sold alongside their fashion collections.

Edinburgh Napier News went to see what the all the fuss was about.

According to TimesOnline, market research analyst, Mintel are predicting a 9% rise in sweets sales within the next five years.

Speaking to these people on the streets of Edinburgh it seems the desire for sweets hasn’t turned sour.

Here’s a trip down memory lane!  Remember these sugary treats?

  • foiled ice cups
  • sweet tobacco
  • cola cubes
  • pear drops
  • floral gums
  • aniseed twists
  • gob-stoppers
  • coltsfoot rock
  • parma violets