Supermarket cheap

By Carolyn Mearns and Kenny Simpson.

Supermarkets are flaunting strict new alcohol guidelines with the sale of cheap booze, according to health experts.

Debra Evans, a Bristol NHS chief executive has warned that despite price increases in alcoholic drinks, supermarkets are still providing cheap and accessable alcohol.

Yet stores across the country are promoting the sale of low price liquor on their online sites by offering cheaper alternatives and recommending different brands.

Britain’s biggest supermarket Tesco offers a 2 lt bottle of Strongbow cider for £2.78, the same shockingly low price provided by both Asda and Sainsbury’s. Whilst the later offers 70 cl of vodka for just under £7.

 threshersThe discovery comes after the announcement that First Quench Retailing, owners of 1300  high street off licences Threshers, Haddows and Wine Rack has gone into administration placing 6,500 at risk.

The company has been struggling following strong competition from low price drink purchasing at supermarkets.

First Quench Retailing faced backlash after failing to tell employees about the financial situation.

Disgruntled employee Andy Brent, 25 said: “I found out about this in this morning’s newspaper. Let me tell you, it came as a shock. I’m angry that I had to find out this way instead of being told by the company. I’m not sure what im going to have to do next, probably go on the dole.”

First Quench said in a statement: “It is with great regret that the board was not able to brief our colleagues prior to [the announcement] being made public.”