Sky and Microsoft dish free deal

By Margarita Dimitrova

xBox 360
xBox 360

Britain’s biggest pay- TV broadcaster Sky TV is making 24 channels available over the Microsoft xBox 360 console without the need for a dish.

This was set to be a revolution representing Sky’s move onto a gaming console for the first time.The Xbox brings true on demand to subscribers television and for other people the chance to get movies, entertainment and sports onto their television without a satellite installation.

Well…terrestrial channels are not available and people wanting to see Sky Sports or Sky movies channels have to pay more. And also programmes are not shown in HD, but that is because broadcast speeds in Britain are simply not good enough.

Put those minor issues aside we, costumers can agree with digital media analysts saying this move is a big step forward for both companies, Sky and Microsoft. Because this is what matters for us, isn’t it?

There is just one little problem for the great revolution of the live satellite TV- it did not work. ”October 27 that’s the date when you’ll be able to watch TV from Sky on your xBox 360” announced Graeme Boyd xBox community manager for Microsoft Europe via Twitter days before the was an official announcement the following week. Unfortunately it was a bit delayed.

“The service has been suspended due to an unforeseen technical issue”. Sky said in a statement. “Sky Player engineers are hard at work to resolve the problem. We expect to have the full service available on Wednesday”.

Microsoft has said that it is “investigating” the technical problems delaying the launch of Sky Player on Xbox Live.

Unfortunately still the service has been down most of the time and clearly both Sky and Microsoft are overwhelmed by the demand.

Now, this is revolutionary.