BBC Launches Democracy Live

By Ryan Culling

The BBC has launched a new website which provides on demand coverage of the UK’s national political institutions and the European Parliament. Democracy Live, at, aims to provide the public with unparalleled access to democratic institutions across Britain.

The website boasts technology which allows the user to search for the political debates which matter to them most. There is no other website in the world which offers the same.

Democracy Live covers the main chambers of the House of Commons, House of Lords, the Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, Welsh Assembly and full sittings of the European Parliament.

Another feature of Democracy Live is that, unlike other BBC services, for example iPlayer, Democracy Live has no geographical restrictions, allowing those outside the UK to view as well.

Head of BBC Political Programmes, Sue Inglish, said: “Democracy Live is an important addition to the way the BBC brings politics to our audiences across the UK, allowing people to see first hand the work of their elected representatives and ensuring we have a healthy and informed democracy.

“This is precisely the sort of different content the BBC should be providing in fulfilling our public service remit and representing all of the democratic institutions in the UK.”

Democracy Live also contains an archive of footage which, although limited at the moment, increases in size daily. The archive also contains historic moments from the 1980s.

Democracy Live also offers guides to the individual political institutions as well as an explanation of the UK political system. People will be able to follow representatives they are interested in and Democracy Live will gather video in which they appear and store this to be watched later.

Courtesy of BBC Democracy Live