Italian Hotel 5 Star Success in Scotland.

By Alice Croal

missi7Visit Scotland has dubbed the Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh to be the latest to join the small collection of 5 star accommodations in Scotland. The Milan based Missioni family has the first hotel in Scotland to gain a 5 star rating in the last four years. The previous hotel of acclaim was the Prestonfield hotel in South Edinburgh.

The official website for the Missoni states that ‘each and every Missoni hotel is unique, an individual expression of Rosita Missoni’s creative vision’.

This luxury hotel with its modern artistic structure is replacing the former offices for Scottish Parliament, that stood in the area off the Royal Mile previously. The Missoni houses Edinburgh is a £50 million development and is  the first in a chain of hotels, plans are already in place for more Missoni’s to be built in Kuwait, Cape Town Africa and Oman.

One architect comments that ‘The quality of the preparatory thinking, the choice of materials and the final result are every bit as painstaking as Missoni’s own selections of colour schemes: the apparent simplicity of the result merely conceals the complexity of the process’.

The hotel offers the warmth of Italy in the undeniably colder climate of Scotland. The opening of a high end Hotel in Edinburgh hopes to promote the city as a fashionable Capital and not only boost tourism but attract a different variety of tourist. The premise of the building is that it is fashionable, and therefore unique and it certainly does stand out from the other surrounding buildings of the Old Town.

The Missoni can now hope to settle in amongst the rest of Edinburgh’s big name hotels such as the Balmoral, Caldeonian and the Sheraton.