Interpol encourages diplomacy


By Heather Donald

Yesterday Interpol asked Iran and Argentina to their headquarters in Lyon, France for a diplomatic discussion on the 1994 Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA) terrorist bomb attack.

On July the 14th 1994, 85 people were killed and hundreds injured after a terrorist bomb attack on the AMIA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1994, the case to find the perpetrators of this crime has been marked by incompetence. In August 2005 federal judge Juan Jose Galeano was impeached for mishandling and irregularities and last week former president of Argentina Carlos Menem was accused of trying to cover up evidence related to the bombing.

Relations between Iran and Argentina have been tense since 2006 when Argentina formally accused the government of Iran of ordering the bombing. 6 Iranian nationals are now on Interpol’s international wanted list in connection to the crime but it is up to the individual member states to extradite people on this list.

Interpol’s Secretary General Ronald Noble said yesterday that “interpol’s strength is that when difference occur between our member countries, we always maintain our impartiality and keep our focus on enhancing international co-operation between police and law enforcement authorities”. They are trying to “shuttle diplomacy”.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the two parties will meet in Lyon for talks but both parties have expressed relief about finding a neutral ground to have informal talks on.