Unlock Princes Street

(Photo courtesy of Zimbio) Works in progress...

by Luke Rajczuk

The ongoing works over the tram project in Edinburgh are under scrutiny of rules and deadlines imposed by the City Council and upcoming festive period.

The busiest street of Edinburgh, Princes Street has been closed due to the tram works for nearly a year and is causing a lot of chaos for local means of communication and tourism.

It seems that the local authorities have had enough of the slow process of the construction and are setting a deadline for the 28th of November for the traffic to be returned to the street. The Council explain the rushing up thus; it would be a major embarrassment for the city if the works are not completed in time. Also according to the high street retailers even if the project gets delayed by a week it causes massive damage to their businesses’ turnover.

Because of the fast approaching deadline the workers involved with the project are forced to work over the weekend and during the night. As the plan is to get the work done by the end of the month further overtime work is planned.

Council leader Jenny Dawe said: “It is all going to plan for reopening Princes Street, but it will be right up to the wire, there is no doubt about that.”

Not only the Trams are facing

Deputy council leader Steve Cardownie said: “It’s vitally important to have the street back open in time. TIE appear to be confident of meeting the deadline and the public are looking forward to having Princes Street restored to its former glory. They now have to do everything possible to make sure it’s ready on time.”

Mandy Haeburn-Little, director of communications and customer service from TIE, the company responsible for the tram project reassured that sections of Princes Street would be ready for handover on the morning of 26 November in time for the Edinburgh Sparkles campaign.