Biffy at the Barras

by Holliewould

There are times when music is more than just a catchy melody, a few chords and some singing, and Ayrshire born rockers, Biffy Clyro proved exactly that after a much-anticipated return to an anxious home crowd.

Biffy wasted no time at all storming straight into the fast and furious “That Golden Rule”, followed by equally rapturous, “Living is a Problem”, launching the crowd in a mass frenzy. Back-to-back heavy riffs and stage storming courtesy of Simon Neil made certain that “the Biff” are a force to be reckoned with.

The set consisted heavily of commercially sound tunes from Biffy Clyro’s 4th album release, “Puzzle”. The gig also showcased new songs, “Bubbles”, “Born on a Horse”, “God and Satan” and “Cloud of Stink” from forthcoming album, “Only Revolutions”.

The crowd swelling settled and  everyone got the chance to catch their breath and a soaking of water, whilst lead singer Simon Neil strummed effortlessly the much gentler sound of, “God and Satan” and “Machines”.

Biffy also returned briefly to their former underground glory days, with the surprise reappearance of “There’s no such Thing as Jaggy snake”, which set the crowd into anarchy, and rightly so.

105 minutes of Biffy Clyro was not enough to please a rubber-legged home crowd and so they returned triumphantly for a five song encore, much to the delight of every sweaty, beer sodden fan in the ballroom.

The end did come though, much to the dismay of long time fans, as not one track from “Vertigo of Bliss” had managed to charm its way into energetic set.

The night drew to a glorious close with the smash hit “Mountains”.

simon neil
Biffy Clyro live at the Barrowlands