Christmas Comes Early To The Capital

By Claire White

With Halloween just out of the way, Christmas seems to have come early to the capital, with shops already stocking their christmas range, putting up decorations in store and even playing the well known Christmas classics.

Courtesy of The Dome Edinburgh

The Dome in George Street has always been renowned for its extravagant decorations, which captivate many tourists during the festive period. They have already put up the decorations outside the premises, decorating the collesium style pillars with lights and wreaths. When questioned on why they decorate the place a month prior to the Christmas period, a spokeswoman stated that it was a ‘very hectic time’ and that the work on the decorations over the past few years has always been scheduled at the end of October/beginning of November as permission and a license is needed.  It is also done as a ‘build up to the festive season’.

It is not just The Dome that is in the christmas spirit, many shops such as Tesco, Boots, Asda and clothing stores such as Primark and Next have already started stocking christmas products. Marks & Spencers have their christmas food extensively advertised around store. including brochures which enable you to place your order for christmas dinner! Claire’s Accessories have also opted into the Christmas spirit by playing Christmas music every so often to put consumers in the christmas mood even more.

The reason behind this is a clever marketing scheme that is to encourage consumers to start purchasing for Christmas already, despite there being almost another two month until Christmas day. If consumers see the products and hear the music, it will start to cause a panic into thinking that the time is running out and therefore they will start to think about shopping sooner. They may even purchase items or presents from that shop due to this influence as they realise time is ‘running out’. Although this ‘scheme’ is in place every year, many people are still rushing to the shops on Christmas eve, so does the scheme really work?

Edinburgh’s Christmas officially starts on Thursday November 26th with the usual big wheel, traditional German Christmas Market and Ice Rink in Princes Street Gardens. Radio station Forth One is also broadcasting live from the opening day 10am – 2pm. As well as the Gardens extravaganza, Edinburgh will be full of the Christmas Spirit with the renowned event  ‘The Great Scottish Santa Run!‘ and new event ‘Edinburgh Sparkles!‘. Children are also well catered for as they are able to visit Santa during this period at ‘Santas Reindeer Garden’ situated in Princes Street Gardens or even visit ‘Santa’s Igloo Village’ for a storytelling session with Santa.

Edinburgh has always been renowned for it’s Christmas period, attracting hundreds of tourists to the capital to attend the events. It seems this year will be no different, even if it has come around earlier than expected!