Smoking Hot Model

By Erin Ross

30ft Jordan
the 30ft Katie Price

The traditional scare-crow like effigy of Guy Fawkes this year, in Edenbridge, Kent will instead be replaced by a 30 ft Katie Price.
The effigy shows a giant Katie Price, also known as Jordan towering into the air clutching under one arm magazines and the other grasping the heads of her former husband Peter Andre, and current lover Alex Reid. The effigy is to be burnt on Saturday night, and is not the first celebrity to be burn by the Edenbridge Bonfire Society. In past years there has also been a controversial Russel Brand and Jonathon Ross following their notorious phone prank in 2008, and Anne Robinson in 2001.
Charles Laver of the Edenbridge Bonfire Society said to the BBC that “I hope she takes it in good faith. We are only doing this for the fun of it. We are not doing it because we don’t like the lady or anything like that.” He stated that Ms Price was simply chosen as they believed that an effigy of BNP leader Nick Griffin would be ‘too political’.
The identity of the ‘infamous celebratory guy’ remains a closely guarded secret until the night of his demise, but the topical and sometimes controversial decision as to who will be torched is always a huge hit with the crowd. Since her split for Peter Andre early this year, Katie Price, has been constantly in the news and has become somewhat of an idol to some, or a hate figure to others.