Zimbabwe Community Group In Scotland Is Launched


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

By Edwin Mashonganyika

A Community Group with the aim to establish Zimbabwean values and identity in Scotland and the United Kingdom as a whole was launched in Edinburgh recently.

A member of the Group who did not want to be identified said the idea was to “foster Community cohesion and intergration and create a platform to interact, share ideas, advance cultural beliefs, explore and savour together the roots and origins of the Zimbabwean people.”

“We came out of Africa but we can’t get Africa out of us. It will be good to have  a big family day, friends, collegagues and associates…African food, African dances, jokes, African dress, African people, African experiences to enjoy and share,” said the member of the Groups facilitation Team.

Ties between Zimbabwe and the UK dates back to the British Empire when the country then Rhodesia was colonised by the British.

Zimbabwe attained its independence from Britain in 1980 after a long protracted liberation war headed by Robert Mugabe, who has ruled the country since then.

There is a large number of Zimbabweans in Scotland and the UK as a whole due to political and economic instability  in Zimbabwe.