Meet Usain ‘Bolts’.

James Bradley.

A new Olympics is being planned by China next year for robots.

The event will be held in the north-eastern city of Harbin.

Harbin is home to the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) which already boasts a successful robotic football team.

The competition is only open for humanoid robots, which means that to enter the robots must be human shaped, with two legs and two arms.

This is a change from many other robot competitions which sees a multitude of differently shaped robots depending on the task needing done.

Such as with the ‘Robogames’ which sees a multitude of differently shaped robots taking part in competitions.

According to Hong Rongbing a professor for HIT there events will include; dancing, combat, athletics as well as some non traditional events such as cleaning and medical care.

He went on to say that the aim of the competition is to push forward innovation and make robots more flexible and more intelligent.

The competition will test the robots on their ability to do tasks as well as gauging their intelligence and movement.

Over 100 teams are expected to enter the competition with over 20 countries being represented in over 16 events.

There have been an influx of different robot orientated competitions in the last few years, with a robotic world cup, and even an ‘exotic’ robot competition which replaces traditional sports and tests robots on their ability to mix drinks and smoke cigarettes.

There are even robot driving events where cars are programmed to drive through certain conditions over lengths of road to gauge their performance.

However the robot Olympics will have face their strongest competition from the ‘Robo games’ which has been seen as the highest form of organised competition for robots in the last few years.