Nuclear Britain

by E.J. Andrew

The Government has today said that Britain must resort to power that is provided by nuclear energy in order to supply the populace in a clean and efficient manner. Energy Secretary Ed Milliband has said that the nation cannot “say no” to nuclear power, an statement made before he later will announce possible sites for the proposed nuclear plants, which he intends to fast track plans for in order to replace the country’s existing but aging nuclear infrastructure.

He went on to say that nuclear power is “a safe and low carbon option” for Britain and that “it should be considered as a low carbon alternative for power such as coal or gas”, though members of the Conservative Party have come forward to warn that under the current government, the public will not have a say one way or the other over the decision to replace the nuclear plants which are due to be decommissioned by 2023 at the latest.

There have been several sectors up in arms regarding this new announcement from the government due to the immense cost to the public but more importantly for the “lethal legacy of toxic waste” according to Simon Hughes Liberal Democrat Energy Spokesperson. Outcry is widespread, especially from environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and spokesperson Robin Oakley had this to say on the Greenpeace UK website “Proven green technologies such as wind and combined heat and power stations can secure Britain’s energy needs.”

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