Tram Schemes Not to Disrupt Edinburgh Christmas

By Ben Graham

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Annual traditions in Scotland’s capital will not be disrupted this year as work on Edinburgh’s tram system continues in Princes Street, it was revealed today.

Edinburgh is a city renowned for both its vibrant culture and picture perfect views. Its many notable landmarks identify it as one of the most historically important cities on earth, yet the City is constantly subverting common traditions and welcoming new cultures to share in the city’s many delights. The German market is just one example of this, running now for over 5 years alongside other attractions such as an ice rink, fairground rides and a giant, superbly lit Ferris wheel. Edinburgh is thought to attract around half a million visitors during December alone, making it one of the most popular Christmas tourist attractions on earth

However, concerns were raised as to the welfare of the market and its overall appeal due to the work on tramlines in Princes Street. These concerns were put somewhat at rest today when it was revealed that all efforts are being made to ensure the success of the market through careful planning and deliberations.

Duncan Fisher, a spokesperson for Edinburgh council stated that the Christmas market ‘will not be affected by construction on the tram line’; which is taking place directly parallel to the festivities.

Features such as a ‘Santa’s grotto’, a mulled beer and wine section, as well as a host of youth orientated activities in Princes Street Gardens have helped make the Christmas celebration a well loved tradition in Edinburgh, and many citizens of the city have expressed their distaste for the tram scheme. Andrew Durie (49), a fisherman and frequent visitor to the market during festivities remarked ‘The trams cause disruption all year round, if this continues into Christmas I can see it losing the market a lot of potential customers’.

However the two will be kept entirely separate during the holiday season claims Edinburgh Council spokesperson Valerie Pearson.

The intention of the tram scheme, as stated on their website is to ‘Support the Scottish Government’s position with regard to Scotland’s energy future and harnessing our abundant wind and wave power’. Despite opposition from other political parties and citizens alike, the SNP in coordination with Edinburgh Council has introduced a number of energy saving initiatives throughout Scotland’s capital.

As Christmas draws nearer and the trickle of tourists begins to fill the streets of Edinburgh, it is clear why so many people choose to frequent the market. It is only with the continued cooperation of the council and citizens alike, however that this tradition can expand and prosper.