A peek into the life and writing of Quintin Jardine


Image courtesy of network.nationalpost.com

By Ashley Watt.


Quintin Jardine is a famous Scottish author of two best-selling series of detective novels. He was born and educated in Motherwell, Lanarkshire before going on to study law at the University of Glasgow. He then stepped into a career which began in journalism as a trainee on his local newspaper.

In an interview Quintin revealed to Edinburgh Napier News that this was a key influence on his work, along with his editor, Robin and also his wife Irene who motivated him to stop procrastinating and pushed him to begin his career in writing. ‘Everything you do informs your writing. Journalism was very helpful, particularly as it involved the police which played a main role in my writing.’

Quentin worked in various different positions throughout his life, he worked in Edinburgh as a government information officer, a political spin doctor and an independent relations consultant. Gradually he evolved into a full-time writer, with his first novel ‘Skinners Rules’ going into publication in 1993. This further went on to become a nomination for the John Creasy award of the UK Crime Writers Association.

Edinburgh Napier News asked Quintin what he feels makes stand out among other authors in terms of his writing. Quintin replied, ‘I wouldnt say that. My characters are different, however. Take Skinner for example, I wanted to keep him outside the box and not your stereotypical detective. He was a high flyer who’s already flown.’ Quintin further explains that his characters play an important role in what makes him unique amongst other writers of the same genre as he feels it is ultimately the characters in a novel that the audience relates to.

Quintin Jardine has appeared at numerous writers festivals around the world, including, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. He reveals, ‘I love travelling and seeing different places in the world, it is inspiring and gives you insight into other cultures.’

Throughout his life he has achieved an exceptional amount and today Quentin Jardine lives alternately in Gullane, East Lothian which he described ‘home-base’ and L’Escala, on the Spanish Costa Brava.