NHS launch online mental health check

Courtesy of JWT anxiety index

By Jonathan Bradwell

Last month the NHS launched an online mental health check to their website for people concerned about their mental health and well being.

The tool gives the user a series of questions to answer on a variety of subjects.

Depending on the answers given, the tool then calculates what further information each individual needs, and how to seek further advice.

Jacqui Jedrzejewski, the NHS direct national mental health lead,  stated “The mental health checker provides an approachable channel for people to address their problems and get the help and advice they need”.

This online resource aims to break through the stigma attached to mental health illnesses.

Jacqui Jedrzejewski stated “The aim is to get people on the right track so they can get on going support”.

One of the outcomes of the check can be a call back from a fully trained nurse. However, these outcomes differ greatly, as the check can simply recommend a trip to the GP to speak about what the online check highlighted.

The check even highlights mental health problems associated with low underlying issues, such as stress, which may be linked to a financial problem.

The NHS  highlight that stress is part of our every day lives, and by accepting this, we can begin to tackle mental health problems. This is one of the many areas that the NHS have highlighted to start to deal with mental health issues.

The NHS have a number of other tests, covering a variety of issues, on their website that can be used for a starting point for seeking help about health problems.