Voices for G20

Chants for justice filled the streets of St. Andrews last Sadurday as campaigners met to raise their voices for the G 20. Organizations such as Oxfam, People and the Planet, Impact AIDS, Christian Aid, along with members of the public came to demonstrate for fair, jobs justice and the climate. Members of the protest claimed that “MP’s are unable to listen

Campain for Justice

to the people if the people are not talking” and that “the resounding numbers who have come together prove that people are interested in these affairs and do want change to happen”.

Climate change is the predicted to be the biggest debate topic for the G20. The main reason being that the Kyoto targets  have not been met. Less than 5 percent of the funds pledged have been given to developing countries, Developing countries have taken the hardest hit in regards to climate change affecting their economy drastically. A representative from Christian Aid stated “the finance ministers need to express a concern that can be taken to Copenhagen for just solutions on climate change.” The aim for the Finance Ministers is to come to an agreement on how to continue to tackle climate change and how to proceed at the climate summit in Copenhagen in December. these organizations are pushing for a greener world that will be more effective for all and that rich countries will take responsibility for their carbon emissions

The demands in regards to jobs was that the Finance Ministers must come to an agreement to produce government funded green economy based on decent work  fair pay for all. They claim it is the Countries responsibility to take action and be an example by creating green energy, financing , transport and construction. The push is not only for the Uk but also for the investment in developing countries.