Councilman pleads Government to back ‘active’ Edinburgh scheme

byLori Carnochan and Emma Craig

A Labour Councillor has condemned the Scottish Government for its lack of support for an active youth scheme.

The scheme is being run by the East of Scotland Institute for Sport with the goal of making Edinburgh the most physically active capital in Europe by 2020.

The campaign is set to be launched early next year and the institute is hoping to recruit Olympic stars such as Sir Chris Hoy and David Florence to help inspire youngsters.

The scheme will be tied in with the London 2012 Olympics and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in order to attract public interest.

Councillor Paul Godzik said: “I think this is a great scheme and with the likes of the backing from Sir Chris Hoy I believe we could be successful.

“However, the government needs to invest a lot more financially in order to secure this long term goal.”

Cllr Godzik said the government need to back more sport projects throughout the city as they have recently stalled the redevelopment of Meadowbank stadium.

One of the main objectives of the project is to encourage school children to pursue their favourite sport at a higher level.

Another aim is to nurture the stars of the future and to help them gain success and represent Edinburgh at both national and international level.

Councillor Godzik feels the schools could do more to help children succeed in sport.

He said: “The schools are failing to meet the minimum of two hours per week of physical education set out by the Scottish Government.

“They have no intention of meeting the target in the next couple of years and if we can’t encourage these children in earlier years, then there’s no hope for the future.”