Superstitious minds

By Kenny Simpson

For the third and final time this year, the superstitious among us have to survive the unluckiest day of the year. Today is… Friday the 13th!

Death's hand (picture credit: Margon

The number 13 is widely accepted as a very unlucky number and Friday as an unlucky day, so it is little wonder why so many of us fear leaving the house on this date.

Ranging from tiny unexplainable happenings to being killed in all sorts of horrific ways, minds seem to run wild with speculation of what could happen on any Friday that lands on the 13th of a month.

But is there really any reason to fear for your life or is it just a case of superstitious minds? That, it seems, depends on who you speak to.

Kirsty Anderson, 22, Edinburgh, is one person who has had an unlucky morning; “I think Friday the 13th definitely brings bad luck. I woke up this morning and found my computer wasn’t working and wouldn’t even switch on. It’s a bad start to a day that’s only going to get worse.”

Some would say unexplainable; others that it was just a computer malfunction that was always going to happen. The majority of people shrug off  Friday the 13th as just another day and feel that what happens is down to them and not superstitions. 

Tom, an employee of Starbucks Edinburgh, said: “I’ve not burnt myself making coffees this morning and that’s down to me being careful and not silly superstitions. If I end up hurting myself today then it will be from a stupid mistake rather than the fact it’s Friday the 13th. I don’t believe in any of this superstition or destiny stuff.”

Photoshopped for Friday 13th but could it happen to you? (picture credit:

Ironically any Friday that falls on the 13th is often a lot safer than other Fridays because people are generally more wary of being cautious and some refuse to even leave their homes.

Insurance companies have even found that on average Friday the 13th has around 150 less claims than other Fridays during the year.

However all this cautiousness must have an affect somewhere and it is usually the world of retail who lose millions of pounds of sales because of peoples’ insecurities.

Janet Grainger who works for Dobbies Garden World said: “For the last few years we have noticed a considerable drop in transactions on Friday the 13ths. We have put this down to members of the public being less willing to travel out to the site because of worries about accidents.”

So on this Friday the 13th will you give in to superstitions or chance your luck that you’ll survive to deal with the next one?