World Kindness Day

The Cosmos flower is the symbol of World Kindness Day.

It isn’t all bad luck this Friday the 13th, because today is also World Kindness Day. 

World Kindness Day encourages people to look beyond cultural, racial and social differences and perform random acts of kindness towards one another.

Margery Bruce, head of Kindness Scotland, Scotland’s local World Kindness Movement, said: “World Kindness Day is important to us because it reminds us of the importance of everyday acts of kindness.”

World Kindness Day has been going since 2000, on the anniversary of the first conference of the World Kindness Movement in Tokyo in 1997.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, which promotes acts of kindness, whether planned or unplanned said: “When kindness is expressed, healthy relationships are created, community connections are nourished and people are inspired to pass kindness on.”

Twenty two different countries, from Scotland to Singapore, the Netherlands to Nepal, all have their own Kindness Movements, each dedicated to spreading kindness throughout their parts of the world.

To celebrate World Kindness Day, Kindness Scotland has organised the Kind Kids Awards.  The awards recognise kind acts performed by children towards one another, their communities and the environment.

Over 35 different children from 14 different schools will receive awards for such diverse acts as raising money for people on the Thai-Burmese border or for the pupils of James Gillespie’s High School who helped raise money for a high School in Durban, South Africa. 

Juliette Behr was a student who visited Durban with James Gillespie’s High School’s initiative in previous years.  Whilst there she visited the high school in Zwelibanzi which her school was helping.

Although many of the students suffer from atrocious levels of poverty but Juliette said: “I didn’t really feel that sad, because they were so happy, even though they had nothing, they were still acted really well towards one another.”

Ms Bruce said: “When children do kind things, they’re not only making the world a better place in the short-term, they carry these things into later life.”

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