Saga of the “World’s Hottest Curry”

Kismot Killer

By Jennifer Flett

When your 18th birthday arrives there is a world of possibilities opened up which none too often involve infinite amounts of alcohol, but how about eating the world’s only 18 rated curry?

The Kismot Killer is the brainchild of restaurant manager Akbar Ali, 30 and his brother who concocted this fiery feast after starting local family-run Kismot restaurant three and a half years ago.

After a string of media publicity stints promoting the so far unofficial “world’s hottest curry” it is clear the idea is to feed the nations curry obsession for anyone that will rise to the challenge.

On eating the monster curry you are asked to sign a somewhat ominous disclaimer, part of which reads:

“Kismot restaurant will take no responsibility for your bodily functions after you the curry. If you die whilst eating or as a direct result of eating the curry, members of the table will share the cost of your Kismot Killer.”

The curry industry is today worth more than £3.5bn and employing well over 100,000 people. There is even an annual British Curry Awards, with this years held earlier on in the month. It has become integrated into popular society along with the kebab and fish and chips, a factor played extensively on by Ali.

Contained within the curry itself are chillies found from all over the world including the officially hottest naga chilli. It is not a Vindaloo but a completely new recipe that will see anyone who finishes their plate into the exclusive hall of fame, but few have prevailed.

When talking about the cooking process Ali said: “My mum has to leave the kitchen when my dad is cooking because of the potency of the chillies!”

Whole ranges of people have put their health on the line to take on this challenge as Ali explained;

“We’ve had boys come in all the way from India who’ve thought they could handle it, hard boys from the worst estates of Edinburgh, but not even any of the Kismot staff have been able to handle this, everyone’s reaction is the same”

Seemingly the brothers are not just stopping at mains but have also created the first chocolate nan bread, appealing to the nations other favourite food desire. The Ali brothers thought of the idea when speculating what an Indian equivalent to a deep fried Mars bar would be before finally turning it into a reality.

Chocolate Nan

On the bright side the only worry with the nan is the amount of calories going into one rather than the after effects of the Killer. One Killer attemptee, Paula Cameron invited the brothers onto her show at Leith FM equipped with numerous pints of milk and water at hand to cool of , none of which were left untouched once the Ali’s had left the building.

Cameron said of the event, “I never took the milk away from my lips; my stomach physically hurts after just one mouthful!”

Again it begs the question of why people are so intrigued by this challenge, just the mere fact it is a challenge is most probably the answer. When it comes to actual edibility, this is another question. Although a few select individuals have finished their plates the intense hotness of the dish comes first and foremost and then it seems from challengers’ reports, the toilet before taste ever becomes a factor in the entire experience.

The before mentioned British Curry Awards are described as the Oscars of spice with celebrities and even politicians such as David Cameron attending the glitzy event and showcases the best Britain has to offer. Although there are some burning issues in what seems a quite lucrative business.

Founder and organiser of the awards Enam Ali said in an appeal to politicians that the curry restaurant industry has a serious skills shortage because the chefs who usually train up locally born chefs are finding it difficult to get visas in order to work in this country.

Curry is an institution in this country and the Kismot Killer and chocolate naan bread does signify a cross-over between the traditional that restaurant owners are afraid will diminish and British taste, but it may represent the next step in curry evolvement or the greatly loved dish might just remain as it is. Undoubtedly though there will always be contenders to the title.

As a family run restaurant of a modest size, the atmosphere is nice and perfectly welcoming it brings to mind what will be the next step in the Ali brothers curry saga.

Ali disclosed that they have high expectations for their invention,“We hope to have enough money to try and enter into the Guinness Book of World Records and officially become the world’s hottest curry!”

He then summed up the curry experience quite fittingly in his statement, “Anyone who tries this is a complete dunderheed!”