Scotland’s recent run gives them psychological edge.

Rugby in Scotland has been given a welcome if unexpected lift after the teams powerful display against the Aussies.

The gutsy performance last Saturday means the Scottish can take a clean sweep of tests if they defeat Argentina tomorrow. The Argentinians come into the game on the back of two straight defeats following losses to Wales and England.

The Scots will no doubt be confident, but is this benefical or can it add unneccesary pressure? Dominic Clarke a sports phycologist and  a consultant for the University of Edinburgh said, “the team will approach the game the same way, they will have a pre-performance routine that will not change from game to game.

The team will also focus on past performances and analyse the pros and cons of the performance to aid future performances.”

Dr. Andy Barton, a leading sports scientist, said ” Form is very important, it will affect the whether an athlete has a positive or negative approach to the game. Athletes who are mentally devoid of confidence will commit more errors and lead to a lowering of performance levels.”

Having witnessed two wins on the bounce the Scottish fans will be upbeat but this could add unneccesary pressure.

Dr. Barton says, “The win last Saturday will bring added confidence but this could adversely accentuate doubt. Stress and doubt may creep in as the supporters become more expectant.”

Clarke agrees but he assesses it is how the players deal with this will be the overriding factor. He says, It depends on how the players are prepared and whether they embrace it as a challenge or a threat. This is where the coaching staff become important.”

Scotland of course have had the tag ‘chokers’ in the past but with a new a man at the helm in the frame of Englishman Andy Robinson the team seem to have a new lease of life. Something that the Scottish fans hope will last into the six nations next year.