Night Noise Team Launch Debut Single

The Wee Red Bar is tucked in at the back of Edinburgh College of Art and to find it, its one of these places where you have to be in the know, of where the hell you actually are.

Edinburgh indie-pop rockers, Night Noise Team launched their debut single Menolick at the Wee Red Bar last Saturday, the single to be released today and can be downloaded on iTunes.

The venue was fairly packed for this 45 minute performance of new material and tracks from their album Ronde De Nuit, having seen the band previously two years ago, I was dying to see how they have honed and crafted their sound.

The band kicked off with the Gift a punchy uptempo number that utilises the drumming skills of Mike Walker to a fine zeal.  As I have said before, Walker like their previous drummer Keith Kirkwood is the teeth of the group and the driving force that keeps the group a tight cohesive unit.

The next few numbers Deadport and Etc kept a nice pumping flow that ensured there was many shaking and dancing on the floor.  Sean Ormsby, more than holding his own as the groups frontman and vocalist,  his voice having tinges of Bowie and Ian Curtis in his style of singing.

Billed on their Myspace page as French pop, NNT comprise the songwriting skills of Northern Irish man Sean Ormsby and French producer Fabien Pinardon who plays bass with the group.

Fabien and guitarist Marco Morelli from Italy give NNT a European edge,  giving them a distinction amongst their peers in the Edinburgh scene.

There was pacier, slower numbers too, such as Nouvelle Vague and a new track Canonmills Gothic, which created a nice balance to the faster stuff. Canonmills Gothic using funk and touches of reggae in its construction.

The tempo picked up again for Slow Release, a punky number that ensured the odd head was wagging here and there.  The group finally closed with their new single Menolick, which also packs a fine punch, the audience giving a fine roar of approval at the close of the track.

NNT takes some of the elements from great indie pop bands like the Smiths, Nick Cave and Joy Divison and with a sprinkling perhaps of the Jam and the Undertones energy.

You can download the new single from iTunes or from their record label website Permwhale.

Lead singer Sean Ormsby talks about the new single, the reaction to the gig and plans for 2010 Sean Ormsby interview