Dave? That Spark (single)

This initial offering from Scottish band ‘Dave?‘ is a lithe little number clocking in at a slight 2;50.

As it contains nought but guitar bass drums and vocals you might be forgiven for thinking that it conforms to the template which has seen various east coast rock band’s releases savaged in the anglocentric music press of late, but this is an altogether different kettle of fish.

An ode to inadequacy written from the perspective of a solitary drinker, the song starts rather abruptly and rattles through a wiry, cribsy first verse (featuring some clever drumming) before kicking into a rather beautiful chorus. From here it falls down only to pick its self up and charge through an excellent finale, the chiming minor chords and shouted backing vocals perfectly matching the melancholy mood of the lyrics.

All in all an excellent song, well worth 79p. Released December 14th.

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