Rage against the X Factor: Jon Morter forced to use “back-up” web page

"Rage Against the Machine for Christmas no.1" forced to use 'back-up' web page

There were all sorts of allegations flying across the web when Jon Morter’s Facebook creation, ‘Rage Against the Machine for Christmas no.1’, which carries over 800,000 members went down for the nth time in a mere  48 hours.

The page which hopes to propel Rage Against the Machine’s first UK single, Killing in the name, to Christmas number 1 in the UK charts, has been in and out of action more frequently than rumours of Danni Minogue’s X Factor career ending. Fans claimed ‘sabotage’ while Jon Morter, creator of the Facebook page communicated with concerned members that through contact held with the PR team at Facebook, a “bug” had caused the upset.

The site had been disappearing through various points in the day. (arguably during peak times in a Facebook day.) The issue currently remains, with the main site page only accessable late night  through to early afternoon.

The page’s creator, Jon Morter was not only concerned that about the site problem creating a slump in sales, he had also noticed a significant slump in contributions towards Shelter, the charity which fans and members are able to donate to through justgiving.co.uk. The charity has already amassed £40,000 in the past four days through donations given by those hoping to see ‘Killing in the name’ chart at the top spot this weekend.

Wasting no time at all a back up page was created, noticeably only carrying an 8th of the members the original page boasted.

Tonight however, radical action has been taken. Jon posted  up a message on the Facebook wall of the back up site letting concerned enthusiasts know what was had happened. Within seconds of posting members were offering suggestions on how to overcome the site’s difficulty. It was decided, that the best option, for the moment, was to withdraw members ability of wall posting on the original site in order to let the site remain operational for all intended purposes.

Now the task at hand is to promote the “official back up site” as the main port of call for all people looking to join; as well as those looking for information on downloading the track, all eligible download sites and rule and regulations of downloading – of which there are many!

Morter also complemented Facebook for their continued telephone contact with him over the past two nights, and stated that it had been a “frustrating time for us all”. He went on to remind members, it is “vital to keep going”, commenting, “We don’t want to get this far and fail at the end!” as there are only three days left of purchasing til the christmas number 1 is revealed.

Rage Against the Machine – ‘Killing in the name’ currently reside top spot in the singles chart, however, it is still expected that sales figures of X Factor winner, Joe McElderry’s cover of ‘The climb’ will catch up and soon overtake as Wednesday saw the release of 500,00 CD singles.

The track is available to download from various websites including, HMV.com, iTunes, amazon, Play.com and Tesco Digital.