A preview of the next decade’s weather

2009 was all about recycling, reusing and reducing. There was a barrage of constant information demanding we highten our recycling efforts. Scotland vowed to cut emissions by 42% by 2020, the strongest commitment by any country. Copenhagen came and went and no one really followed suit. The end of 2009 saw Britian in the brace of cold snap, that further proved theories of global warming.

The outlook on 2010 environmentally is bleak. A decade ago global warming was a distant problem and it has crept up on us quicker than expected. The proof is the Artic ice melting, and predictions are without change, there will be no ice over summer. The reality is that there will be no where for polar bears to live.

Polar bears are not the only creatures of concern, deforrestation has seen the panda and tiger both emerge high on the endangered species list. These cuddly creatures emotionally engage us. But what about the less cute critters – people don’t consider that thier dinner may be endangered. Sadly overfishing has resulted in cod, salmon, pollock and tuna being endangered.

The World Wildlife Fedaration want people to also think about the house plants, and herbal remedies being used. Ginsing, considered a wonder-herb that premotes life and treats ailments such as depression, diabeties and anxiety disorder, needs to be preserved. Also on the cards is the loss of Maghogany Trees due to over logging for commercial use.

Scotland is so far ahead of the numbers game, but we are a long way away from healing the world.