There is a familiar issue experienced by students: what to do when there are no classes, no work to do and no money in the drinking column. The answer for a good few is to game, and that is no longer just an answer for the geekier among us. Ever since Modern Warfare 2 overtook Avatar in Box Office sales, gaming has become a serious media.

So how does the world of student and gaming combine? In RestBYTE, a new student run website. Liam Anderson, a co-creator and the website designer for the project explains “we know you can get a review anywhere that tells you HOW good the game is. The problem is these 5 star games then over-exhert themselves on to us and we end up with poor grades. The answer is a website that advises how addictive the game is.”

On this premise RestBYTE has designed a rating system that includes: “unplayable”, “dont try this at home unless your an achievement or trophy whore”, “good dipping”, and “leave it till summer honey”! The aim is to be humourous but informative and to help students avoid a controller addiction over term time.

“There is the aim of total interactivity – forums and comment pages, within a user-friendly setting” states Anderson, which should make RestBYTE the first of its kind. The writing staff are keen however to remain cutting edge but realistic. “After all this is a free publication, we will be writing from our own stocks of games”: what comes across is the websites awareness that it may not necessarily review the must-have game right away but have a catalogue of hundreds of older games once it is up and running. The features sound intersting to, exploring the eternal debate of Guitar Hero v. Rock Band, 360 v. PS3, and what older console rocks!

The site is still taking its baby steps, but is hoping to collaborate with Edinburgh Napier as well as other Universities post launch.