Avatar pockets USD 2 b at box office

James Cameron’s 3-D science fiction movie ”Avatar” has grossed USD 2.039 billion surpassing the USD 2 billion mark held by Titanic by the same director.

The movie’s distributor, 20th Century Fox, released the figures on Sunday. Fox declined to forecast where the film would end up, since it expected Tuesday morning’s Oscar nominations to spur a new wave of interest, Reuters said.

Avatar last Monday smashed the USD 1.843 billion record set in 1998 by Titanic. Fox did predict that Avatar would break Titanic’s North American record of USD 601 million by Wednesday.

The foreign collection stands at USD 1.45 billion after a USD 95 million weekend from 120 countries. It remained No 1 in many of them, including France, China, Australia and Brazil.

The movie could pull in so much money because ticket prices were considerably higher for 3 D screenings.