Can Edinburgh Castle, be an army base for another 10 years

A 10-year plan for Edinburgh Castle has been agreed, which reinforces the commitment between Historic Scotland and the Army to share the site. There were previous concerns that the military would pull out of the base, leaving it as only a visitor attraction.

The castle remains an army base, as well as Scotland’s biggest visitor draw, and the plan will bolster co-operation in the use of its space. The castle is  Scotland’s leading tourist attraction with over a million visitors each year and hosting major international events such as Homecoming 2009.

Some souvenir shops look forward to this plan because it will help the castle attract more tourists and host more events resulting in an increase in profits. However, some local people do not care much about the plan and how the castle is used for military purposes. Nearby residents told Edinburgh Napier News the castle should simply be used by everyone as much as possible.

Today tourists in the city seemed to know very little about the plan. Some commenting that the attraction will always be popular with visitors because of its historical importance and fantastic appearance.