Emigration Expo for Scots

by Wendy Wan

The air was thick with dreams and anticipation of  people wanting a new life far away from Scotland at the SECC in Glasgow at the weekend. 

According to the government, between 2007 and 2008 almost 38,800 Scots moved abroad, with almost the same number, 38,500 adopting Scotland as their new home from overseas. 

Every year around 200,000 UK citizens emigrate, with the most popular destination being Australia, followed by Canada and New Zealand.

An estimate of 4000 visitors showed up at the SECC exhibition designed specifically to pave the way for people to leave thier country of birth and adopt another. 

But due to the recession things are changing.  Australia has now introduced changes to their legislation designed to preserve jobs for Aussies, making it harder for those who want to emigrate

That however is not stopping the 200,000 Brits from moving abroad looking for a better standard of living.  Many UK citizens move to Canada for bigger and cheaper housing as well as for their impressive education and health care.

Things are not always greener on the other side though, an estimate 25% of emigrants end up returning to the UK.