Horse on the Menu

by Wendy Wan

Some 70,000 horses are eaten in France every year, with an estimated 4.7 million believed to be consumed around the world every year.

And it seems the meat is now back on the menu in Scotland for the first time in more than 70 years.

The controversial choice is being served at an eatery in the city’s New Town, and the move has already come under fire from campaigners, with the Vegetarian Society branding the consumption of horse meat as “abhorrent.”

The meat is said to be less fatty than beef and containing higher levels of iron and omega 3. 

But how well will it be received by the general public. 

Views of the equine meat being back on the menu in Edinburgh has drawn some disbelieving expressions, with a few members of the general public saying that they would not eat horse meat, saying that “a horse doesn’t look appetising,” and “i’ll stick to chicken and beef.”

However, there were some that thought the meat would be “fantastic, once i start eating them, i expect to start running like them!”