Inverkeithing Paper Mill Alight

by Cara Hunter Liddle

Cauldwell Paper Mill ,  Inverkeithing is ablaze.

The fire egnited somewhere between 10:30 and 11:30 pm on Friday 25th June.

A spokeswoman from Fire Fire and Rescue services stated: ” At this present time (00:24 26th June) we have little information on the incident. We know that there are currently nine fire engines at the paper mill. We have also sent out an air and ladder unit as well as a decontamination unit.”

The reaction time to the fire has been pro-longed due to closure of the local fire station at Rosyth.

According to the Fire Fire and Rescue website Rosyth station  “Rosyth Fire Station is no longer a working Fire Station as from 24th March 2010.”

The Paper Mill was built 1914 and was owned by Inverek Paper Company from 1928 until 2002.

The building has since been derelict, despite restoration plans by Swedish company Klippan.

The Mill closed its gates for the final time late in 2003 with a loss of 150 jobs.