Gas blast woman in court

Theresa Riggi and children

 A woman who has been charged with murdering her three children is set to appear in Edinburgh Sheriff Court today for the first time. Theresa Riggi is suspected of killing her two twins Austin and Luke, eight as well as her daughter Cecilia, five.

 The three children were found in a flat on Stateford Road, after police were alerted to a small gas explosion. The following post-mortem examination revvealed the children did not die as a result of the gas leak or small fire.  

 Mrs Riggi was admitted into hospital after she fell off the balcony of the home where the children were found.

 Because of her medical condition she was unable to attend court for her original hearing. She was charged with murder at a private hearing, which was held at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on the August 24.

The children’s father, Pasquale Riggi, 46 spoke of his loss in a statement to the BBC. He said : “It’s been shocking. You are paralysed with grief. The hardest moment was when I first found out. Your life is all about your children. In one instant that’s gone.”

During this statement he did not mention his wife.

He added that the support he had received from around the world had been important in getting him through this traumatic time. He said: “I am doing pretty well, because I have had my closest friends and family around me”.