International News

By Rebeca Calvo-Gaspar


The recent food price risings all over the world are being discussed by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in an extraordinary meeting held in Rome. Natural disasters like floods in Pakistan and China, and Russian droughts have added tension to the issue. The FAO intends to look for a solution before the crisis reaches the same levels as two years ago. However the FAO say that the current situation is not as critical as it was in 2008.

An unknown painting by Bruegel was found during a restoration in Madrid, Spain. The 16th Century artist had only 40 paintings signed to date. The Prado Museum will try to buy the painting from its current owners for up to 7m euros (£5.9m) , although in the private market this painting could reach up to 25m euros. The Spanish culture minister Angeles Gonzalez Sinde says: “she is confident of keeping it in the Prado”.


“US government was behind the 9/11 attacks” Iranian President Ahmadinejad said in his speech to the United Nations. He explained his three theories while US and European representatives walked out of the United Nations General Assembly.


Liberian ex-warlord Prince Johnson will stand as a candidate in his country’s general elections next year. He claims that:  “a civil war is devastating for all countries, but leaders come out of conflicts and Liberia is not an exception”.

Somalian journalists walked out of a radio station in Mogadishu after Islamists take over. The reporters claimed they walked out because they do not want to lose their impartiality.


A top rebel leader from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has been killed im combat by troops from the Colombian Army. President Manuel Santos said: “the symbol of terrorism in Colombia has fallen”. Jorge Briceno, known as Mono Jojoy was one of the most wanted FARC leaders. After his death, Santos says: “he’s going after the rest of the FARCS”.

Nicaraguan diplomat Casar Mercado has been found dead in his apartment in the Bronx borough in New York. A knife was found near the body and there was no evidence of robbery in the apartment. Nicaraguan Vice-President Jaime Morales have asked the FBI to thoroughly investigate the murder.


A Chinese boat captain arrested two weeks ago will be let free by Japan. Chinese authorities claimed the detention was illegal and invalid. Fearing the relations between the two countries get worse, Japan has decided to free the boat captain.


Australia says: “the Commonwealth Games should not have gone to Dheli”. Health and safety issues and construction dead-lines are the main concerns to John Coates, president of the Australian Commonwealth Games Federation.

Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy,  is looking for short actors and actresses in New Zealand to work in his new two-movie project ‘The Hobbit’. The casting has been advertised in a Wellington newspaper.