Woman defends from Bear attack…with Courgette

Black bears still live amongst people in many forested areas in the US.

A woman in the US state of Montana managed to fight off a bear armed only with a courgette.

The woman awoke – hearing noises in the night – to find a 14 stone black bear attacking one of her dogs.

She tried to divert the bear’s attention by screaming before it charged at her, swiping at her leg with its paw. She grabbed the nearest object – a 30cm long courgette – and threw it at the bear’s head, causing it to flee.

“The bear growled and was very aggressive, and tried to come inside her back door,” said Sheriff Lieutenant Rich Maricelli of Missoula County. “She was able to stop the pursuing bear by improvising.”

The woman escaped with scrapes to her leg and the dog was left shaken but unharmed. State wildlife officials are currently searching for the bear.