Edinburgh school pupils out perform the rest

Pupils in Edinburgh have been studying hard

By Oonagh Brown

 New figures say that Edinburgh pupils are acing their exams. Statistics published by the Scottish Government have claimed that pupils from Edinburgh, who sat their Highers and Advanced Highers in May, achieved better results than pupils in the rest of Scotland.

 Edinburgh’s schools have also topped Scotland’s Standard Grade results, with 37% of pupils achieving credit level compared to the country’s average of 35%.

 Credit for Edinburgh’s high achieving pupils can be given to the city’s independent and state school sectors.

 Alistair Pugh, management staff at Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School, said he thought the results showed Edinburgh’s strong tradition in Education.

 He said: “Many of the schools in Edinburgh are well established, including ours, and are constantly improving as a consequence of the cities schools having the ability to get the best out of pupils.

 “Young people today are determined to get most best out of themselves as possible as there is now so much competition to get into higher education.”

 Though Edinburgh’s exam results are currently the country’s best, there is concern that the state schools may be affected by future budget cuts. This is because of last year’s proposal from education bosses to cut state school budgets by 2.5% in 2010 and another 2.5% in the next two years.

 As well as highlighting Edinburgh’s exam success, the report released by Scotland’s chief statistician examined all of Scotland’s educational progress. The report claimed that 22 % of Scottish students were achieving five Higher qualifications by the end of school. This is an improvement of 2 %.