World News In Brief

At least seven people have been killed in the capital of Nigeria after two cars exploded outside the justice embassy today. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend), a militant group based in the south of the country, had earlier threatened attacks on the day that Nigeria celebrates 50 years of independence from the UK.

Ecudorean soldiers have rescued the president of the country after he was taken hostage by protesting police. Rafael Correa had tried to negotiate with furious police and rank-and-file soldiers, who are revolting against a new law that means they will no longer receive medals and bonuses when promoted.

A British citizen suspected of planning a terrorist attack in the UK has been killed by a US drone in Pakistan. The man, who was in his 20s and is believed to be a part of a terror cell with other Brits and Germans, was allegedly masterminding a Mumbai-style siege of a UK city.