Biggest ever money donation received in charity shop

By Bryanie Kane

Staff at the Cancer Research shop. Credit: BBC News

A charity shop in Glasgow has been left in shock and awe, after a gentleman donated a sum of £20,000.

Members of staff from the Cancer Research UK shop, in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street, are hoping to trace the mystery benefactor in order to say a big thank you. The man, who handed over a sealed envelope with a bankers draft inside, left before anymore could be said. This is believed to be the biggest donation of money ever received in a Cancer Research UK shop, as they receive “£200 at most,” says John File. Now staff of the branch are desperate to find the benefactor. A banner has been raised in a bid to let the man know the sincere thanks felt by the association.

The donation was handed in over three weeks ago but John File, from Cancer Research UK’s Press Office in Scotland, says,”It is important to let people know about this as it raises our profile and helps people understand more about the research which comes from donations like this.”

The money will be used for “research into the basic signs of cancer, how it works. The money will be used completely for helping us find a way of fighting it.”

Mr File also said, “We are used to getting donations of money from legacy; though wills and so on. But to have a donation of this magnitude come into a store is just fantastic.”

This is not the first time the people of Scotland have gone above and beyond for the charity. In October of last year a Beano Annual was donated and reached £4200 at auction, along with a mysterious Hermes bag which was left in a black bin liner.  All of these cases have occurred in the last year, showing that the generosity of the Scottish people has not faltered even with the credit crush upon us.

The Scottish Press Office for the organisation wish to send their sincere thanks to the anonymous donator, “We would like to let him know that the money is going to be used completely for research and it was amazing what he has done. So we would like to say a huge thank you and just hope he hears it.”