Edinburgh’s iconic homeless find a home in cyberspace

A string of pages on social networking sites have emerged paying tribute to some of the Capital’s most recognizable homeless men. Facebook has two pages dedicated to ‘Rastatramp’ – the Leith local whose nickname stems from his long gray dreadlocks and dark skin. Some of the posts left by ‘fans’ seem to be poking fun at the vagrant, however the majority seem to suggest a genuine affection for him, like Nicki Buntin who posted “This guy is a Legend… everyone from Leith knows him.. hes a real good guy, had many a convo with him ♥”.
Another of Edinburgh’s distinct individuals to attract attention on the web is “Beaverman” so-called because of his long mane of matted hair which looks similar to a beaver’s tail. Both men feature in the site Edinburgh Cult Celebrities appreciation thread and the Beaverman’s own Facebook page has over 4000 fans.
Of course it is unlikely that either of these gentlemen will have access to the internet and are probably completely unaware of their cyber popularity. Perhaps therefore those who have a genuine fondness or sympathy for these men could dedicate their time to something more worthwhile; imagine the impact it would make to charities such as Shelter if just a few of the Beaverman’s fanbase donated their free time to volunteer to help the homeless instead of surfing the net.