NHS workers fear budget cuts

NHS employees in Lanarkshire and Lothian are voicing concern over the limited budget put in place, influenced by the government’s words on the burden of the public sector.  Ahead of the Conservative conference this week, workers are waiting with baited breath as senior Tory figures are outlining significant changes to the NHS in England as well as radical welfare reform.

Despite the government promising to protect the NHS from severe public spending cuts, concerns have been raised to Edinburgh Napier News over strict budgets that have been put in place to encourage savings.  As a result of this, people who leave the workforce are not being replaced, forcing their colleagues to pick up the work without extra pay.  With a public spending freeze coming into place next year, NHS employees will not be entitled to any cost of living pay rise, meaning that they will be working more, but will be receiving less.

One 42 year old who has worked in administration for ten years spoke of the stress the squeeze has caused in work but also at home; ‘It’s never been this bad’, this sentiment seems to echo amongst her colleagues.  ‘Why should we have to pay for the banker’s mistakes’ says another.

The head of communications in NHS Lothian and Lanarkshire were unable to comment. The dispute remains unsettled.