200ft trees to be introduced to Scotland

by Charlotte Workman

Huge pylons set to disturb Scottish countryside

The Scottish Executive has decided to go ahead with the Beauly to Denny power line, which is to be built overland using 200ft pylons, against a huge campaign against it from the people effected.

A staggering 22,000 people wrote to the Scottish Government in a bid to save the picturesque countryside in which they live, suggesting the contractors – scottish power – bury the lines, so to protect wildlife, the use of the land and one of Scotland’s biggest industries; tourism. A mere 45 letters were in support of the action, boasted by the Scottish Executive to turn Scotland into ‘Europe’s power house.’

The decision to make Scotland an industrial machine serving the rest of Europe instead of utilising its outstanding natural beauty and the well-being of the people that live there through tourism and farming, has caused outrage. To add salt to the wound, Scottish Power refused to spend the extra money to bury the lines and insulted residents intelligence by saying they will hide the 60m pylons using ‘trees and shrubs.’ All of of the Beauly to Denny line residents are waiting in bated breath to see these extraordinary towering trees.