Ambulance Centres unable to take Calls

Two of the Scottish Ambulance Service’s major call centres suffered a fault which resulted in emergency calls being redirected in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Ambulance centres in Edinburgh and Inverness were unable to take calls for almost 3 hours this morning

The fault resulted in emergency calls from dispatch centres in Edinburgh and Inverness to be redirected to the Cardonald centre in Glasgow between midnight and 0330.

The Ambulance Service are currently looking into the fault, the second of it’s kind in little over 3 months, with telecom company BT.  In a statement issued by the Ambulance Service’s Press Officer, John Morton, it seemed that plans were in place to deal with such eventualities.

‘All 999 calls were dealt with using the usual overflow system through Cardonald,’ the spokesman said, ‘along with existing contingency lines in Inverness and Edinburgh

‘A review is ongoing with BT to identify the cause and ensure that clinical outcomes were not affected.’ he added. At the time of going to print, BT were unavailable for any further comment.

A similar incident occurred in July of this year, where all 3 of the Scottish Ambulance Service’s Emergency Medical Dispatch Centres suffered a fault, resulting in them being unable to receive emergency calls for several hours.  In this instance, calls were diverted to centres in Belfast and the North of England.