Ghostly goings on underground!

The underground world of Edinburgh

By Rachel Hennessy

The underground vaults of Edinburgh have come alive once more and Robert Stuarts shares his experience about his time underground.

Stuarts, a tour guide for Mercat Tours was taking part in the Ghosts and Ghouls tour when he encountered his experience in the underground vaults of Blair Street.  Stuarts commented on the fact the before he went on the tour he was not totally skeptical about the existence of ghosts, he said; ” I was open to the idea that they existed.”

Stuarts said that he felt his hand being held by one of the children that previously lived down in the vaults which is an experience that excited him.  The vaults have a history of supernatural activity and store memories of those who once lived there.  Stuarts is not the first person to feel a presence down the vaults and Mercat Tours have a wide history of recorded activity that delves in to the extraordinary.