New bid for Curriehill Primary School site

Curriehill Primary School

by Leighton Craig

A bid from Macdonald Estates for the Curriehill Primary school site has been met with widespread opposition from local residents.  The bid, which is said to be around £4 million is on the basis of turning the site into a supermarket.

Residents of  Currie and the surrounding areas feel that the opening of a major supermarket would cause the roads to become too congested and attract unwanted visitors. The school site also forms part of the Currie Conservation Area, which includes the Water of Leith and part of the Pentland Hills, and locals feel that a retail project would be detrimental for this.

Macdonald Estates are yet to lodge a planning application therefore the exact nature of the proposed development is still unknown. It is believed that a supermarket, perhaps Tesco, is to open on the site however these rumours remain unconfirmed.

Dan Macdonald, the companies chief executive states ‘Our focus is not to rescue troubled sites. We will seek and expose good opportunities where, by taking a different approach to residential use…we can create a new formula to provide the best solutions’. This indicates that the firm is willing to work with the community to find a solution which is fair for both parties.

A public meeting is expected to take place in November, in which the matter will be discussed.