Sparks of new music ignite in Edinburgh

by Adam Smyth

The Tinderbox Project, in Edinburgh is seeking to bridge the gap between classical and contemporary music by working with established musicians and up and coming bands. Young musicians aged 13- 21 who have a grade of six or above will be working alongside more than 75 musicians, bands, composers, teachers and artists.

Young orchestral musicians as well as drummers, saxophonists and guitarists will be collaborating with bands such as the Horndog Brass band and Conquering animal sound and playing contemporary music such as Jimi Hendrix and Bjork as well as composing their own original work. Over a period of ten weekly rehearsals, the project will culminate on the 12th of December at the Roxy Art House where the participants will showcase their hard work and effort to the public in a live performance.

Educational workshops each week will focus on many aspects of contemporary music; such as improvisation, composition, use of electronics, effects and how to approach and play alternative styles. There will be a strong emphasis on composition as the students will be writing an original score for the orchestra during the ten week course.

Jack Nissan, Director of the Tinderbox Project, said: “The Tinderbox Project aims to bridge the gap between youth music and the contemporary arts scene, providing young musicians with opportunities to work together with professionals on the wide array of exciting and cutting-edge creative projects taking place in Edinburgh and Scotland”.

The project is centered on redefining the concept of an orchestra for young people, as most rarely listen to classical music and are instead inspired by a wider range of more modern styles. Recent research by Susan Forge, an independent arts consultant in Edinburgh, found that young independent musicians struggle to gain a foothold in the for a career in the music industry. Tinderbox will directly address this problem.